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Disturbia: Jared Leto Desecrates Rihanna’s ‘Stay’ While Ri Stumps for Bud

Rihanna 30 Seconds to Mars Stay Cover Documentary Half of Me

So this happened: Jared Leto with 30 Seconds to Mars and about 30 inches (okay, give or take) of Jesus locks — plus aviators and leather — covering Rihanna’s “Stay” with all the gusto of Cher doing her best Nickelback impression. All apologies to Mikky Ekko, but this version needs to be seen, if only so you can avoid it on sight in the future. Watch that above, because the weekend is almost here and you’ll need something ridiculous to shout about at the bar.

Slightly less ridiculous (still, though) is the Budweiser-backed official Rihanna documentary below, Half of Me — an 11-minute short that pretty much screams “How awesome is Rihanna?!” for its entire length. Initially we get a series of disembodied voices talking about just that — “She’s like a force”; “It makes you think anything’s possible” — and then we realize this is a vox populi affair: her fans, talking about how rad Rihanna is.

Between live footage and shots of the Unapologetic singer playing cornhole with a Bud in hand, we learn (surprise!) that RiRi’s so-called Navy really does mean a lot to her, and also that she touches their hands at concerts. At about the halfway point, the focus admirably shifts to the fans, however. We learn of their hopes and dreams, and the ways in which their favorite artist has inspired them. Of course, it all comes back to Rihanna launching the career of one young woman who sent her an original T-shirt to wear (which she did). Awesomely, the singer’s fans did band together to raise money for one of their own when his house burned down.

Here’s Half of Me, whose title refers to each show being half artist, half audience.