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Pixies Hit Rewind in Intense ‘Indie Cindy’ Video From New Four-Song EP

Frank Black wasn’t driving while lip-synching recently for nothing. The Pixies released a new four-song EP today, along with a video for the record’s “Indie Cindy.” The song is ghostly, surf-flecked alternative rock that weaves between rant-y verses and sweetly sung, love-oriented choruses.

The video is directed by Lamar + Nik, who also helmed the June video for “Bagboy,” the Pixies’ first new song in nine years. Where that clip drew some complaints about misogyny for its main character’s violent behavior, this one all but turns the tables, as a woman seeks revenge on an abusive boyfriend. A big chunk of the story takes place on rewind, as Black shouts phrases like “I’m the burger meister of purgatory” and “you put the cock in cocktail, man.” Later, the vocals repeat gently, “I beg for you to carry me.”

The EP is out digitally today, with physical orders shipping the next day. Prices range from $4 for a lossless audio download to $36 for a package consisting of a 10-inch vinyl EP, a T-shirt, and the download (the record and T-shirt are both available in limited quantities). Buy it via the Pixies’ website.

The Pixies also have a busy tour schedule, including stops at London’s iTunes Festival and Chicago’s Riot Fest. Before “Bagboy” emerged, longtime bassist Kim Deal officially quit the band and was replaced with Kim Shattuck, formerly of L.A. band the Muffs and the Pandoras. A Pixies photo history is also on the way via Kickstarter.

Pixies’ new four-track EP track list:

1. “Andro Queen”
2. “Another Toe in the Ocean”
3. “Indie Cindy”
4. “What Goes Boom