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Pixies Debut Two Okay New Songs at Surprise Los Angeles Show

Pixies, "Blue Eyed Hexe," "Greens and Blues," debut, live, Los Angeles, Kim Shattuck, surprise show

The un-re-reunited Pixies just keep churning out vaguely Pixies-ish, generally underwhelming new material. As the alternative-rock trailblazers set off on a world tour, with Kim Shattuck filling in for the Breeders’ Kim Deal, they played an unannounced show over the weekend at Los Angeles’ Echo. As Stereogum points out, the band’s first show in almost two years included two previously unreleased songs, “Blue Eyed Hexe” and “Greens and Blues,” which you can watch above. The former song is the one frontman Frank Black teased in a Vine clip last month. The Pixies also performed recent single “Bagboy,” plus three out of the four songs from last week’s EP-1 EP. Slicing Up Eyeballs has the set list; the proper tour kicks off tonight. It’s hard to make out too much about the latest pair from the fan footage, but it sounds like it’s of a piece with other nu-nu-Pixies.

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