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Stream Pink Frost’s Alt-Rock Rebirth ‘Sundowning’

Pink Frost

Pink Frost were previously known as APTEKA, a psychedelic outfit with a penchant for shoegazing. Now, the Chicago crew have changed their name and revamped their sound for Sundowning, the full-length follow-up to APTEKA’s debut album, 2011’s Gargoyle Days. Out today, the new nine-track LP still looks longingly at guitar slingers of the past, but Pink Frost have mostly swept away the haze that clouded their previous incarnation. Instead, they’ve adopted the sort of chugging, nakedly urgent pace once mastered by another Illinois alt-rock set that sometimes indulged in similarly symphonic fantasies: the Smashing Pumpkins. Sample Pink Frost’s Sundowning LP, which was recorded at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio studio, by streaming the entire effort below. Purchase the album in CD, vinyl, and mp3 formats via BLVD Records.