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Oneohtrix Point Never Deconstructs Nine Inch Nails’ ‘Find My Way’

nine inch nails, oneohtrix point never, find my way

Oneohtrix Point Never disintegrates Trent Reznor in a striking remix of shadowy Hesitation Marks stunner “Find My Way.” Nine Inch Nails’ triumphant comeback album is currently available in a variety of formats, one being a deluxe edition that comes with a handful of extras. Not only does the expanded edition include a 45-minute conversation between Reznor and, uh, himself, it also features OPN disassembling “Find My Way” and collaging it back together in typically segmented fashion.

Daniel Lopatin’s version retains the tender vocals of the original, but does away with its delicate keys and patient pacing. Instead, the Replica maker drops in organ flourishes and spaceship sonics that could’ve been lifted from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. As for structure, just look at the soundwave file below: Lopatin isn’t afraid to switch the ambience off at any moment, letting silence cut through Reznor’s soul-searching several times throughout.

Stream Oneohtrix Point Never’s remix of “Find My Way” below, and be sure to read SPIN’s cover story on Nine Inch Nails, Trent Reznor’s Upward Spiral, as well as our Essential review of Hesitation Marks. Meanwhile, for more Lopatin, check out OPN’s recently shared tracks “Zebra,” “Problem Areas,” and “Still Life (Interspecies Excerpt),” all set to appear on the upcoming R Plus Seven, which is definitely one of 50 Fall Albums You Gotta Hear.