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Real Estate Nirvana: Buy Kurt Cobain’s Childhood Home (and Mattress)

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Nirvana’s massive 20th anniversary In Utero reissue isn’t the only vintage Kurt Cobain memorabilia hitting the market this week. Cobain’s mother, Wendy O’Connor, is also selling the legendary alternative-rock frontman’s childhood home. His, uh, mattress is included in the sale.

The 1.5-story dwelling in Aberdeen, Washington, was most recently assessed at less than $67,000, but it can be yours for a cool half a milli. That’s the listing price, according to the AP, which also has photos of the house from Cobain’s mom herself — including shots of a young Kurt in his old home. Two hours outside Seattle, the house is a little walk from a riverfront park honoring Cobain, and the family is open to turning the place into a museum.

Cobain’s sister, Kim Cobain, explained in a statement to the AP: “We’ve decided to sell the home to create a legacy for Kurt, and yes, there are some mixed feelings since we have all loved the home and it carries so many great memories. But our family has moved on from Washington, and (we) feel it’s time to let go of the home.”

Inside the house, Kurt’s room still reportedly has the holes he put into the walls as well as the band names (Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin) he illustrated on them. According to author Charles R. Cross’ Cobain biography Heavier Than Heaven, the future Nirvana frontman looked back fondly on his youth in the Aberdeen home, where he’d bike around the yard, or bang on Mickey Mouse drums. After his parents divorced, though, Cobain once wrote, “I hate Mom, I hate Dad” on the wall. It’s unlikely that text is still there, but Cobain’s mattress is reportedly in an upstairs crawl space.

The In Utero singer did not, in fact, live in the house when he was in utero. The 1923 construction was Cobain’s home from age 2 to age 9, when his parents separated, and he returned in his later teens. His biographers puts the number of places Cobain dwelled during his life around 20, including an early-teens home in nearby Montesanto, Washington, that an Oregon couple sold for $210,000 after buying it for $42,500. Teenage angst continues to pay off well, etc.

Not for nothing, Eminem’s childhoom home is currently up for auction.