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Mumford & Sons, Strip Club Noobs, Kicked Out for Violating Guy Code

Mumford & Sons, Atlanta strip club, ejected, Clermont Lounge, TMZ

As Marcus Mumford once sang, “I really fucked it up this time.” The Mumford & Sons frontman’s preachers-kid upbringing may have kept him from learning the rules for strip clubs. Obviously, don’t touch. And definitely, definitely don’t take photos. C’mon, now, Son.

According to TMZ, the Babel-ers found themselves being ejected from a famous Atlanta strip club recently after violating the no-camera rule. Evidently it was karaoke night at the Clermont Lounge, and founding Mumford accordionist Ben Lovett went onstage to sing. Strip club sources reportedly said the rest of the band, somewhat understandably, tried to capture his performance on their camera phones. As the story goes, the DJ kept cutting the volume to try to enforce the no-camera rule, and the Gentlemen of the Road reacted angrily.

The video above supposedly shows the band being ousted from the strip club, but it’s too grainy to discern much of anything. A voice yells: “Everybody out! Go go go!”

Mumford & Sons have yet to address the alleged incident via Twitter. They had just wrapped up a performance for more than 22,000 people at Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park on September 10. Plenty of reason to celebrate, of course, but would it kill these guys to just be cool already?