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Mister Cee Rides for Sexual Freedom in Hot 97-Backed AIDS PSA

Legendary DJ who helped discover Notorious B.I.G. takes another bold step forward for rap-kind

It’s been a monumental week of ups and downs and, now, leveling out for legendary New York DJ Mister Cee. On September 11, his home of more than 20 years, Hot 97, announced his resignation following a third run-in with the law over prostitution solicitation. The very next day, Cee opened up a little bit about his troubles on the station’s morning show, though broke down when the subject of his interest in transgender women arose. But he was also asked to return to his post as Hot 97’s mainline to old, obscure, and excellent rap music.

Mister Cee’s return was first marked by the arrival of an incredible hour-long mix dubbed “Back on the Box,” by which the disc jockey spoke through his hands and his song choices. But Mister Cee has now taken the ultimate step in addressing the issues surrounding his arrests and sexuality: he’s bravely come out in a public service announcement backed by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and promoted by Hot 97 (notably in the face of a great deal of homophobia amongst his and the station’s peers). “Today is about sexual freedom,” Cee says at one point. “You don’t have to be afraid, but you do have to be careful.”

He explains that “it’s not cool to be gay, it’s not cool to be bisexual” in the hip-hop world, and that his self-denial only led to personal pain and unsafe (not to mention illegal) decisions. But, “with the grace of family and good friends around me, they made me feel comfortable to exercise my human right of sexual freedom. Instead of finding myself being self-detained by discrimination, judgement, criticism, and even violence from my own community.” In the clip above he shares some statistics alongside his personal story, adding “I speak for myself, and a new sexual revolution … the battle for sexual health.”

Mister Cee also directs his audience to