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MGMT Tease Five Psyched New Songs in Clever Short Film

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MGMT’s self-titled album arrives on September 17 via Columbia Records, but the band has done an unusually good job of keeping its contents under wraps. They poke fun at that fact in a new, six-minute trailer video that includes the first glimpses of five new tracks: “Cool Song No. 2,” “Mystery Disease,” “I Love You Too, Death,” “Introspection,” and “A Good Sadness.” Those join previous video selection “Your Life Is a Lie,” which the group dispassionately banged out as a six-piece for David Letterman recently. MGMT previously performed “Mystery Disease” live; “Cool Song No. 2” is also reportedly planned for a video.

It’s hard to glean much more about Congratulations follow-up from this clip, but generally, the Dave Fridmann-produced effort comes across as a richly textured headphones listen. And though a previously hinted electronic feel is in evidence, it’s still too early to say whether that also holds true for the band’s similar talk of being influenced by Aphex Twin and house. More recently, MGMT’s Andrew VanWyngarden told Rolling Stone, “I don’t even know if it’s music we would want to listen to,” but he may have just been being modest. (“It’s just what’s coming out of us,” he continued. “We didn’t make a single compromise.”)

Oh yeah, the video involves an angry possum, National Security Agency surveillances, and beings called reptoids who are also trying to hear the new MGMT album. It’s funny; you should watch it above.