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Hear a Track from the Melvins’ ‘Tres Cabrones’ an LP-Length Reunion of Some 1983-Era Buddies


The ever-restless Melvins are returning for their, oh, lets say 22nd studio album, Tres Cabrones. The quirky, rubbery, album finds King Buzzo reuniting with original Melvins drummer Mike Dillard for their first full set of original songs since they recorded a collection of demos in 1983 — for this release, Dale Crover, the band’s drummer for the last 29 years, is moving over to be temporarily hold court as the band’s eighth bass player. The 12-song set finds the band in an especially jolly mood, banging through presumably public domain American classics like “99 Bottles of Beer” and “You’re in the Army Now” and “Tie My Pecker to a Tree” — not to mention two covers of San Fran goof-punks Pop O Pies. First taste, “American Cow” is representative of the record’s seven-song bulk, lurching songs that eschew a lot of the band’s Beefheartier moments for moody, clear-eyed sludge-pop.

Hear it below, and cop the full-length via Ipecac, of course on November 5.

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