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Mazzy Star’s ‘California’ Video Takes Its Hazy Time, Just as It Should

Mazzy Star, 'California,' 'Seasons of Your Day,' video

Mazzy Star’s gift for public understatement has remained as consistent as their sneaky smolder. (Just check out SPIN’s recent profile, Mazzy Star’s Slow-Burn Return.) Appropriately, the video for the bewitching psych-folk of “California” — from the band’s first album in 17 years, Seasons of Your Day — is obliquely alluring. The full-length arrives on September 4 in the United States via the band’s own Rhymes of an Hour. You could probably watch this shrouded, slow-paced footage from Mazzy Star’s recent live shows and from their own California over and over until then. What would be more fitting for a song where the narrator watches the sky turning gray?