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Marbeya Sound Lead Synth-Scored Tour of Mexico City in ‘Semantic Drift’ Video

Marbeya Sound 'Semantic Drift' Video Colonies

Marbeya Sound cite Pink Floyd, Neu!, and Jean Michel Jarre as influences — very different artists in terms of sound, but psychedelic travelers all three. And when you hear the far-out yet still in-the-pocket songs of this Mexico City duo, the musical mind-meld makes sense. Their just-out album, Colonies, is populated by earthen grooves enriched by celestially spangled effects (stream it right now via Marbeya Sound’s Facebook page).

Take “Semantic Drift,” for instance. The song above opens with a motorik beat, expands with glistening synth, then becomes a subtly shifting source of mood — cool now, anxious later, cool again. In the accompanying ITO-directed video, we see the Mexican capital from a car at night, in between shots of Marbeya’s live five-piece tending to their well-preened collection of vintage synthesizers. There’s also a bag filled with some mysterious glowing substance, but we’ll spare you any speculation. Watch for yourself.

Marabeya Sound, Colonies track list:

1. “Implanted Memories”
2. “Grow Back to Be Eaten Again”
3. “Spectrum”
4. “Your Ears Are Hours”
5. “Photoconductive”
6. “Origin Of The Eagle”
7. “Semantic Drift”
8. “The Alignment”