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Art-Pop: Lego Model of an Arena-Size Concert Is Amazing

Lego concert rig, Mario Fabrio

Legos, those ingeniously interlocking Danish toy blocks, can be used to build just about anything. As it turns out, that includes a massive, exhaustive replication of an arena concert. Creator Mario Fabrio posted detailed photos on Lego fan site MOCpages (via Jim on Light), and they really must be seen to fathom what he has accomplished here. The images start with the semi trucks unloading and workers assembling the stage setup, and go on through the band members rising up on hydraulic platforms, and the Lego crowd going wild. There’s even a red carpet, and the band members take the stage through an underground entrance. Anyway, get a taste of the scale of the thing below, but seriously, stop reading and head over to check out all the pics. If there were any justice in the world, this, not “The Fox,” would be on the Billboard Hot 100. #ARTPOP

Lego concert rig