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Stream Le Trouble’s Dancey, Meat Loaf-Inspired ‘Real Talk (Part 2)’

Le Trouble

Montreal’s Le Trouble formed back in 2011, but the five-piece’s proper debut still hasn’t seen the light. That’ll change on November 5, when Lava Records issues the Reality Strikes EP, the dance-inclined crew’s first formal effort (a little-heard, independently released collection of tunes earned the band their Lava signing). Now, months ahead of the upcoming short-player’s drop date, we have the first single from Reality Strikes. “Real Talk (Part 2)” specializes in glossy falsetto, a shamelessly showy, swollen chorus, and splashy keyboards — a mix that makes good on Le Trouble‘s goal to “ride that thin line between Meat Loaf, Hall and Oates, and punk.” Stream it below.