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Hear Laurel Halo’s Liquid Dance Expedition ‘Ainnome’

Laurel Halo

Laurel Halo is a master of subtle transformations. In the 16 months since the release of her debut LP for Hyperdub, Quarantine, the Michigan-bred and Brooklyn-based producer has started to channel her noisier inclinations into relatively traditional dance floor formats. On her most recent EP, Behind the Green Door, Halo delved into off-kilter techno, but retained her taste for challenging sounds and structures. “Ainnome” suggests that she explored similar influences on her forthcoming album, Chance of Rain, which drops October 28. The track undergoes several fluid transitions throughout the course of 7 minutes: Round, blurry kicks dig into waves of ambient noise, and eventually the dreamy vibe gives way to a more angular rhythm with dusty percussion, whirring synths, and quiet laser zaps.