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Kanye West Is the ‘Biggest Rock Star on the Planet’ in Zane Lowe Interview

Kanye West Zane Lowe Interview Video BBC Radio

“I’m the number one rock star on the planet,” Kanye West yells into the microphone in the clip above, a mere snippet from his soon-to-be-released interview with BBC Radio 1 host Zane Lowe.

As previously noted, Dave Chappelle may tell the best Yeezy story of all time, but there’s nothing like watching the man who gifted us Yeezus talk about himself. Though the preview is only 49 seconds — a chunk of which goes to still shots of handshakes and grins being exchanged — there are wall-to-wall gems, from West’s completely out-of-context suggestion that black men “wear some hot ass Jordans on the beach,” to his perhaps definitive statement on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy: “[It] could be considered perfect. I know how to make perfect, but that’s not what I’m here to do.” 

Also, he has some preemptively mocking words for all of us: “People are gonna look at this interview and say, ‘I understand what he’s talking about.’ People are gonna look at this interview and say, ‘I don’t like Kanye. Look, he looks mad, I don’t like his teeth.'” Well, we do like your shiny teeth, Mr. West, and so far we’re not exactly sure what you’re talking about, so there.