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G-Dragon Takes Over With Diplo and Baauer in Spectacular ‘Coup d’Etat’ Video

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G-Dragon’s recent appearance in Los Angeles was only the beginning of the South Korean pop singer’s global invasion. There, the BigBang leader shared a stage with Missy Elliott to premiere their maximalist collaboration “Niliria,” from his upcoming sophomore solo album Coup d’Etat. Now, the “Crayon” hitmaker has released his new record’s Diplo- and Baauer-produced title track — in the form of one of those magnificent, expensive-looking videos that helped K-pop build its international rep in the first place.

“Coup d’Etat” is thunderous, overwhelming, and above all triumphant; the rapper-singer proclaims his ascendancy through hip-hop references, Korean-language verses, and blaring horns. The visuals are all over the place, always striking, with too many costume changes to count: One second there’s a hole in G-Dragon’s chest, then he’s lounging by a tree, then he’s twitching in a chair, reclining on a table amid blindfolded interviewers, or wearing different-colored masks. If this song is any indication of what to expect from G-Dragon’s album, K-pop’s world conquest shouldn’t stop with Psy.

G-Dragon’s label home YG Entertainment has also announced the track list and release details for Coup D’Etat. Along with the title track and Missy Elliott collaboration “Niliria,” the record also features Sky Ferreira, Zion.T, Boys Noize, Lydia Paek, and Jennie Kim. It’s being released digitally in parts. The first part came out on September 2, the second is out September 5, and the entirety of the album will be available on September 13.

Listen to the September 2 release of Sky Ferreira team-up “Black” below; it’s keyboard-based, heart-aching electronic pop.’s Coup d’Etat track list:

1. ??? “Coup d’Etat” (feat. Diplo and Baauer)
2. ???? “Niliria” (feat. Missy Elliott)
3. “R.O.D.” (feat. Lydia Paek)
4. “Black” (feat. Jennie Kim of YG New Artist)
5. ?? ?? “Who You”
6. ??? ??? “Shake the World”
7. ??GO “Go”
8. ???? “Crooked”
9. ???? “Niliria” (G-Dragon version)
10. “Runaway”
11. ?? ?? “I Love It” (feat. Zion.T and Boys Noise)
12. “You Do (Outro)”
13. “Window”
14. “Black” (feat. Sky Ferreira)