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Father John Misty Travels the World in Weird and Wonderful ‘I’m Writing a Novel’ Video

Father John Misty 'I'm Writing a Novel' Video

As SPIN knows from experience, hanging out with Father John Misty is a trip and a half. The deeply philosophical and hilarious entertainer surely knows how to have a great time without losing sight of the bizarre world around him, and he brings that vibe to his new video for the semi-autobiographical Fear Fun cut “I’m Writing a Novel.”

Cobbled together from clips of him at home in L.A. and touring around the country — including plenty of footage from his stint aboard the S.S. Coachella, where he slayed a cover of “I Believe I Can Fly” — the vignette also features his fiancée, Emma. Drinks, parties, dancing, and joints abound, with a quick cameo by none other than the Replacements’ new guitarist Har Mar Superstar. Check out the video above and pick up the excellent Fear Fun, out now via Sub Pop.