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Dustin Wong’s Guitar Genius Inspires Loopy ‘Speeding Feathers Staring’ Video

Dustin Wong 'Speeding Feathers Staring' Video Mediation Ecstatic

Tokyo guitar god Dustin Wong makes his entrancing magic by way of rapid guitar-play and copious pedal use. By looping his pirouetting note figures, he creates entire worlds of sound that stil fit within single songs. Above you’ll find the video for “Speeding Feathers Staring,” which premiered over at Stereogum.

The sounds within are an excellent representation of the former Ponytail player’s new Thrill Jockey album, Mediation of Ecstatic Energy — an ever-shifting tapestry of beautiful strangeness that seems to fit its at first blush nonsensical name. The accompanying imagery is also a solid match: film footage turned into prismatic shards, overlain with hand-drawn squiggles of color and fuzz.

Eventually, we focus on on the confident visage of our host: Wong, the man at the center of a constantly expanding universe. Revisit “The Big She,” also from Mediation, and also check out Hubble, another ax-wielder with a very unique vision.