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See Dr. Stokely and Madlib’s Smoky Mortality Trip, ‘State of Emergency’

Dr. Stokely 'State of Emergency' Madlib Video Dudley Perkins

Dr. Stokely has an important message to share with the world. Mainly, what the man more commonly known as Dudley Perkins wants to tell us is this: “Our time is growing small.” Indeed, our individual lifespans are only getting shorter, so he’s got a point on the Madlib-produced “State of Emergency.” Perhaps it is time to “stop taking life light.” (Or maybe, like, YOLO, man.) Our host for the moment has certainly stayed busy over the years, first emerging as a Stones Throw-approved rapper dubbed Declaime, then relaunching as Perkins, a slightly off-kilter soul man whose unusual musings were scored by Madlib.

Now the fellow Oxnard, California-native returns with a PhD — a designation which may not change his approach much, but which, at the very least, comes with the aforementioned newfound knowledge of our limited time here on earth. “State of Emergency” hails from a forthcoming album whose details are thus far elusive, but the video above sheds some smoke-infused light on the good doctor’s vision.