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Stream the Napster Documentary ‘Downloaded,’ Without Using Dial-Up

Revisit the nascent days of stealing music with acclaimed film

The world before Napster sure was funny, huh? It’s hard to believe that less than 15 years ago, downloading music from the Internet was almost unheard of, yet here we are in 2013 with the entertainment industry still trying to figure out how to combat online piracy.

For a refresher on that infamous, widely popular file-sharing program, check out the documentary Downloaded, which charts the rise and fall of Napster and its founders, Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker. The film highlights the service’s inception, its downfall at the hands of the government (with an assist from Metallica), and the long-lasting effects it’s had on the music business and artists alike. Noel Gallagher, Henry Rollins, the Beastie Boys’ Mike D are interviewed, and Metallica, Dr. Dre, and David Bowie appear in archival footage.

Stream the entire film, directed by Alex Winter (Bill S. Preston from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure) above.

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