Darkstar Learn to Trust Humanity in ‘A Day’s Pay for a Day’s Work’ Video

darkstar, a day's pay for a day's work, video

Last December, Darkstar shared a live performance clip capturing “A Day’s Pay for a Day’s Work,” an ethereal chin-stroker off the English trio’s 2013 sophomore album, News From Nowhere. Now, the psych-minded electronic outfit has followed that footage with an official video helmed by London-based writer/director Lucy Luscombe. Filmed in a community center in south London, the four-minute short drops Darkstar into a series of trust-building exercises.

Darkstar vocalist James Buttery opens the track by singing, “I never cared so much for losing touch / I know what happened / I chose to sacrifice something else in life.” His realization bruises even harder when it’s paired with the sight of people closing their eyes, letting go, and falling backwards into the open arms of strangers. Watch the delicate digi-ballad come to life in the video above. And stay tuned for upcoming details on a forthcoming series of remix EPs that will feature News From Nowhere tunes reshaped by Zomby, Motor City Drum Ensemble, and more.


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