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Watch Danny Brown’s Delirious Molly Tribute ‘Dip’

Danny Brown's bugged out eyes in new "Dip" video

Danny Brown’s entire career has been a place where different eras (J Dilla’s heyday, Diplo’s revolution) and styles (drug-fueled electro porn fantasies, scrap-or-die street-rap) crash into each other forcefully. That quality is aptly exemplified on his new MDMAnthem “Dip,” in which Danny spits lines from Freak Nasty’s “Da Dip” and Kanye West and Jay Z’s “Niggas in Paris” over a synthetic pitter-patter from producer Skywlkr that nicks the woodpecker taps from Waka Flocka Flame’s “Hard in Da Paint.” 

This is the unabashedly sweaty scene — “I’m grinding on your bitch / While I’m grinding on my teeth” — of ecstasy pioneer Mac Dre, who Brown also shouts out on “Dip.” The video follows the song’s lead, cutting into clips of the Detroit MC performing with shots of bugged-out cartoon eyeballs and girls swallowing pulsating hits of ecstasy. It also cements the ’90s rave scene vibe by showing almost exclusively scenes of dank clubs, black-lit hallways and bathrooms.

This, of course, is the latest leak from Brown’s upcoming album Old, which streams on Spotify on September 30 before hitting stores on October 8. It follows the recent single “Side A (Old)” plus the supremely trippy “ODB.” You should also check our massive lesson on the history of rap’s relationship with MDMA