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Daft Punk Flatter Franz Ferdinand With Hands-Off ‘Take Me Out’ Remix

daft punk, franz ferdinand, take me out, remix

UPDATE: Turns out this seemingly anachronistic remix is, but surprise, actually from 2004. Several reputable outlets reported it as new, and many have since taken down their posts. It seems the NME dug up the old reworking and inspired Franz Ferdinand to post it to their SoundCloud, fueling the prevailing thought that it was fresh. We’re keeping it here so that you can enjoy it, however. Word to A-Trak.

Daft Punk tip their space-helmets to Franz Ferdinand with a recently unearther remix of the Scots’ career-making 2004 single “Take Me Out.” The Random Access Memories duo take a relatively light touch with the dance-rock classic — Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homme-Christo add some heft to the original’s clubby stomp and lather on scratchy analog effects, but the robots keep the song’s structure pretty much in tact.

“I always love getting a remix back because I’m fascinated by what people do with a song,” Franz frontman Alex Kapranos told the NME. “Sometimes you get something back and it’s completely unrecognizable, and sometimes you get it back like this! It’s pretty much identical! They beefed up the bottom end and a couple of sections were extended, but I guess it was a bit of a nod from the Daft Punk guys to say: ‘Ach, you got it more or less right.'”

Franz Ferdinand: Engaging in Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action since the mid-aughts.

Stream Daft Punk’s “Take Me Out” remix below. Go ahead, lose yourself to dance.