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Cuushe’s ‘I Miss You’ Is a Shoegazing R&B Dream

German-Japanese singer reinvents for second LP 'Butterfly Case'

With her forthcoming album Butterfly Case, Berlin-via-Tokyo singer Cuushe offers an entrancing blend of vintage dream pop, Morr Music-like post-rock and glitch, and the sort of R&B that pours out of stay-at-home sensualists like How to Dress Well. Earlier shares like “Sort of Light” have gotten the attention of unlikely culture curators Nerdist, and it’s easy to see why.

While Cuushe’s 2009 debut Red Rocket Telepathy set her vocals to musique concrète, the new 10-song set is instantly accessible, without a whit of pandering. Below you’ll hear “I Miss You,” which soaks her vocals in gauzy reverb and sets ‘em soaring to jangly guitar, canned drums, and sweeping strings. The production throughout Butterfly Case comes courtesy of beatsmith aus, head of Japan’s Flau label, who will also be releasing the record on September 23.

Cuushe, Butterfly Case track list:

1. ‘Sort of Light”
2. “I Dreamt About Silence”
3. “Butterfly”
4. “I Love You”
5. “Twilight”
6. “I Miss You”
7. “Lost My Way”
8. “Swing Your Heart”
9. “Steamy Mirror”
10. “Hanabi”

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