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Chance the Rapper Lends (More) Genius to James Blake’s ‘Life Round Here’

Chance the Rapper James Blake 'Life Round Here' Remix

In our review of James Blake’s latest album, Overgrown, Andy Beta made specific note of “Life Round Here,” writing, “Blake the drum programmer appears to accentuate the boom-tick with crisp hi-hat figures and undulating synth-bass vamps, revealing an appreciation for Timbaland.” While it’s not a stretch to imagine a lithe MC finding purchase atop that rich score, it is a genuine delight to now hear Chance the Rapper doing his thing over the track.

While most after-the-fact rap additions wind up feeling pasted on, the Chicago wünderkind has no problem making himself at home alongside Blake’s production and voice. Chance sings, rhymes, squawks, and hums, transcending the usually allotted few bars to infuse himself with the entire thing. For now, the Rapper-assisted remix of “Life Round Here” is streaming over at Noisey, though a music video is expected to arrive any day.

Chance the Rapper’s Acid Rap is still a stone-cold Essential, and his partner-in-rhyme Vic Mensa is due to drop a mixtape of his own, INNANETAPE, on September 30. Revisit “Orange Soda” and “Hollywood LA” for a refresher course.