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Bloodhound Gang Face Criminal Probe (No Laughing) Over Russian Flag Incident

Bloodhound Gang, Russia, criminal investigation, probe, flag, crotch

Like a hemorrhoidal itch, the Bloodhoung Gang still won’t be ignored. Earlier this summer, 14 years removed from their biggest hit, the lowest-common-denominator ’90s novelty-pop jokesters still managed to incite an international incident: Their bassist, “Evil” Jared Hasselhoff, pulled a Russian flag through the crotch of his pants while performing in Ukraine. Now the choked chickens may be coming home to roost.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Russian officials have opened up a criminal investigation of the July 30 onstage genital flag wiping. A statement from Russia’s Investigative Committee reportedly singles out frontman Jimmy Pop, whose parents named him James Moyer Franks, and Hasselhof, whose real last name is Hennagan.

The committee said it’s thinking about putting the two gentlemen on a wanted list for “inciting hatred and enmity.” The statement says, “Moyer, Hennegan, and other unknown persons entered a criminal plot aimed at disgracing Russian citizens and formed a criminal group to that end.”

Bloodhound Gang were chased by Cossacks on their way out of Russia. The band members are reportedly banned from the country for five years. Hasselhoff, who apparently peed on a Ukrainian flag during the same July 30 Kiev show, is also reportedly banned from Ukraine five years. Does Russia not get the Discovery Channel?