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Watch Big Boi and Killer Mike Dance (a Lot) in ‘Thom Pettie’ Tour Video

Big Boi Little Dragon Killer Mike Thom Pettie Video

Big Boi’s Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors is jam-packed with thrilling collaborations, but one of the most electric finds the OutKast founder teamed up with Dungeon Family relative Killer Mike and Swedish band Little Dragon. “Thom Pettie” is a darkly burbling track replete with searing guitar and loud drums, built off of a pitch-warped vocal loop that plays the perfect foil to Yukimi Nagano’s weightless cooing.

The song has a certain live energy to it, so it makes sense that it’d wind up the score to a new video that captures Big Boi’s recent travels. In the visual above, Mike hypes the crowd before his buddy arrives, and then the two proceed to dance. A lot. A whole lot. In between, we see footage from the road, of drinks raised and basketballs passed, of thrilled fans and familiar friends. A Mac Miller here, an El-P there. The latter, of course, makes up Run the Jewels alongside the aforementioned Killer.

Also, speaking of collaborations, Big Boi addressed his long-lost Modest Mouse sessions in a Reddit Ask Me Anything today. Asked if anything came of the meeting of minds, he wrote, “Yes actually we recorded maybe 4-5 songs and on the first leg of my tour stopped and hung out with them at their studio and they are trying to get things together. If they don’t release the songs, I will! shit.” He also told a short-but-great story about meeting Tupac, and said he’s looking into dong an entire album with Killer Mike.