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Atoms for Peace Talk Flea’s Thom Yorke Fanboydom on ‘Daily Show’

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Atoms for Peace have been around for while now, but they’ve only just made their television debut. The two highest-profile members, Thom Yorke and Flea, recounted just how they came together in a September 25 interview on The Daily Show. “I received an email from Thom,” Flea recalled to host Jon Stewart. “And I went and danced around the house like an unhinged animal for about an hour, screaming and yelling, ‘Thom Yorke wants me to play with him! Aahh!’ And then I wrote back and said, ‘Oh, I’d be delighted.'”

The full band then went Amok on the talk show stage, performing their “Default” single and “Harrowdown Hill,” a track off of Yorke’s 2006 solo album The Eraser. Watch the interview segment above and catch the live performances — which were jittery yet loose, funky but buzzy — below. To catch another batch of icons commandeering a Comedy Central property, check out Metallica’s recent appearance on The Colbert Report.