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Arcade Fire Share Swooning, Percussive ‘Reflektor’ Teaser

Arcade Fire, 'Reflektor,' teaser, video, September 9

Arcade Fire have now shared actual music as the indie-rock luminaries continue to tease their upcoming fourth album. A producer on the record, James Murphy, told SPIN in a July interview that parts of the album would probably be mistaken as his doing, and that’s actually a fair description of the 40-second snippet in the video above. Though the regal orchestration is all Arcade Fire, the pattering percussion is more in keeping with LCD Soundsystem’s post-disco aesthetic. Note well, though, that the Montreal band mines from similar resources, whether the Talking Heads’ twitchy influence over Funeral or the Blondie nod on The Suburbs.

In any event, the video is our first hint at new music from the group in preparation for the album, expected to arrive on October 29 via Merge Records. The clip reprises the Reflektor title that has also come up in band-related promotional graffiti. And it promises that something will indeed happen at 9 p.m. EST on September 9. As Rolling Stone has pointed out, Australian DJ Richard Kingsmill tweeted that something will be the release of a new Arcade Fire single via Merge Records, though those specifics remain unconfirmed. Curiously, the latest video also includes the text “9:30 Newfoundland.”