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Watch Action Bronson Publicly Humiliate a Badly Behaving Fan

Action Bronson shames unruly fan

Action Bronson has a sense of humor, which you can see in, say, his recent Riff Raff collaboration “Long Pinky” or the time he gamely performed at a retirement home. But he topped himself earlier this week during a show in Bloomington, Indiana, while on the road with Danny Brown for the pair’s “2 High 2 Die” tour. While the Rare Chandeliers rapper was performing, a fan evidently threw a cigarette at Bronson, forcing him to stop the show. Where another rapper might have jumped into the crowd, Bronson hauled the man onstage.

There Bronson forced the alleged perpetrator to sit with his legs crossed on the stage in what was essentially time out. “Don’t move, you understand me?” he asked the guy before telling him, “You’ve been a bad boy.” Bronson then moved the fan from the side of the stage to a much less glamorous position behind the DJ booth. This, we can all agree, is how you deal with unruly fans.