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Pardon the Eruption: 36 Hours in Milwaukee with Volcano Choir

Tonight in Chicago, Volcano Choir will enjoy the first set of their first North American tour, a run of five dates that will take the Wisconsin-based, Justin Vernon-led post-rock supergroup through the American Northeast and Ontario, all in support of their just-released second full-length, Repave. Though the record (like its predecessor, 2009’s Unmap) was recorded at Vernon’s home-studio compound just outside of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, nearly 250 miles to the northwest, Repave marks the transformation from studio experiment to band, a change that can be heard and felt — since February, VC’s six members, scattered across the state, have been gathering in Milwaukee to rehearse at Tannery Recording Studio, a recently converted warehouse space on the south side of town, within feet of the Kinnickinnic River just as it winds its way into Lake Michigan. Last weekend, photographer Brian Guido sat in on what would be the last of their practices before hitting the road. Here’s what he saw, as remembered by Tom Wincek, Chris Rosenau, and Vernon.

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