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2 Chainz Lives Large on Tour (Minus the Arrest) in ‘Where U Been’ Video

2 Chainz 'Where U Been' Video

For all the boasting he does about buying “a new crib just to fuck you in,” one would think 2 Chainz would want to show off his new house in the video for “Where U Been?” Then again, he covered some of the ground before in the Pharrell-assisted “Feds Watching” video, so he spends most of this black-and-white clip in a parking lot, on various stages, in a bedroom, and on a private plane.

Backed up by Chicago MC Cap 1, 2 Chainz shows off all his wealth while surrounded by his entourage, some friends, and, of course, a few booty-shaking ladies, with one in particular standing out as the apple of the rapper’s eye. (Despite all the touring footage, it doesn’t show the Georgia rapper getting busted for having weed on his bus.) It borders on the ridiculous, but that’s what we’ve come to expect from the man behind the “surprisingly poignant” B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time, which is out now. 

Don’t miss 2 Chainz saying his name 50 times in three minutes.