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Zola Jesus Goes Chasing Waterfalls in Gorgeous ‘Fall Back’ Video

Zola Jesus fall back video versions

Even if you’re not into the headier aspects of art, you’ll enjoy Zola Jesus’ new video for “Fall Back,” the sole original cut from her string-laden LP VersionsFeaturing a bleak urban environment and, later, a waterfall-splashed forest, the black-and-white clip matches the stirring song, especially with the addition of some fire towards the climax.

“Shooting in the forest was very important,” she told NPR, which premiered the video. “The forest is raw and naked, which is in line for my intent for Versions. The concrete represents fixedness and composure — an attempt to create solid order in an otherwise chaotic environment.”

Check it out above and see if you can spot these influences: “Japanese filmmaker Hiroshi Teshigahara, architect Frank Lloyd Wright, and Soviet-era Yugoslavian monuments.” Versions is available now from Sacred Bones and Zola Jesus is on tour throughout the fall.