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Hear Zola Jesus’ Stunning ‘Fall Back,’ Her Orchestral Album’s Lone New Song

Zola Jesus fall back new song versions

Zola Jesus’ Versions features string-aided reworkings of her back catalog courtesy of the Mivos Quartet and composer JG Thirlwell, stripping away her electronic production to get to the “the bone of the music,” as she puts it. But the album does include a new song, the grand “Fall Back,” which finds the 24-year-old artist (a.k.a. Nika Roza Danilova) swimming in more anthemic, even poppier waters than on Versions‘ minimalist “Avalanche (Slow).” This one steadily builds up steam, moving from tremolo-picked violins and an almost-mournful cello line to more structured arrangements before the drums kick the song into high gear. For her part, Danilova goes from quavering to triumphant, reminiscent of Florence + the Machine with every bit of that crossover appeal. Stream “Fall Back” below and pick up Versions on August 20 via Sacred Bones.