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Watch Youth Lagoon’s Terrifyingly Beautiful ‘Raspberry Cane’ Video

youth lagoon raspberry cane video wondrous bughouse

It’s hard to decipher what exactly is going on in Youth Lagoon’s animated video for “Raspberry Cane” but it’s a stunning trip to watch. The slow-mo visuals feature what looks to be a giant burning phoenix engulfing a tower, a sea dragon stalking a swimmer, scary elephant soldiers, unhappy bug people, and much, much more. While the narrative is murky, the sights are the perfect complement to Trevor Powers’ sorrowful lyrics: “This dimension and the next / The living and the dead / The wave into the corpse / Everybody cares.” The video for this excellent Wondrous Bughouse track might unsettle you at first, but trust us when we suggest you stick around for the whole ride. You’ll find yourself enchanted, if not wondering whether or not those glowing tentacles waving across the screen might have their suction cups set on you.