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Watch Valley Lodge’s Pranky Bait-and-Switch ‘Go’ Video

Valley Lodge 'Use Your Weapons' Cover Art

Comedian, writer, and musician Dave Hill cracked wise with SPIN during our recent Hi, We’re in Delaware festival podcast, and now we’ve spotted the multi-faceted entertainer goofing off in “Go,” the latest video from his band, Valley Lodge. Hill and his bandmates — guitarist Phil Costello, bassist Eddie Eyeball, and drummer Rob Pfeiffer — star in the just-released short, which casts the funny frontman as a crotch-grabbing, lady-ogling bicyclist with an eye for women’s fashion. Explaining any further would give away the gag, so just hit the play button above. 

Valley Lodge’s third album, Use Your Weapons, is due September 3, the same day that Tasteful Nudes, Hill’s first collection of non-fiction essays, hits bookshelves in paperback.