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Stream the Bongos’ Long-Lost ’80s Classic ‘My Wildest Dreams’

The Bongos

The Bongos closed the book on Maxwell’s last night, July 31, playing the final show at the famed Hoboken, New Jersey, venue. Today, the freshly reunited power-pop survivors are continuing their comeback with “My Wildest Dreams,” a New Wave-y single from the upcoming Phantom Train collection.

Originally intended as the follow-up to 1985’s Beat Hotel, Phantom Train was recorded in 1986 but left unfinished. Earlier this summer, frontman Richard Barone restored and remixed the LP, which will finally see the light on October 1 via the recently revived JEM Recordings. Until then, bask in the slinky melodies and fervid vocals of “My Wildest Dreams” below and be sure to read Barone’s love-letter to the dearly departed Maxwell’s as well.  

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