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The 1975 Serve Raw ‘Chocolate’ in Intimate Acoustic Video

Matty Healy of The 1975

The 1975’s “Chocolate” began to percolate early this year, but it still reigns as one of the Manchester four-piece’s best songs. The band played under a number of different names (most recently the Slowdown) before settling on a year that’s quite a few decades removed from the sound they evoke. “Chocolate,” along with fellow British radio hits “Sex” and “The City,” crisscrosses more recent eras: the teenage vignettes of the Arctic Monkeys funneled into the polished, hooky songwriting of an early emo band like Jimmy Eat World. This acoustic version lays those influences bare, with melody placed firmly in the spotlight.

The 1975’s self-titled debut album will be out on September 3, but you can stream their most recent EP, IV, on Soundcloud.