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Still Corners Feel No Need for Speed in Sun-Soaked ‘Fireflies’ Video

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Still Corners first debuted dream-pop devastator “Fireflies” last fall (via Gorilla vs Bear), but the London duo didn’t share a music video for the track until now. Speaking to Vogue, Tessa Murray and Greg Hughes explained that while they were crafting their second album, the recently released Strange Pleasures, they mined 1980s Hollywood for inspiration — The Breakfast Club, Manhunter (weirdly), and, in the case of “Fireflies,” Top Gun. “I was like, ‘Oh my god, Berlin, “Take My Breath Away.” That’s the one,'” Hughes says, referencing the Oscar-winning “love theme” from the 1986 Tony Scott blockbuster.

The song’s just-released visual doesn’t really feel the need for speed, but it does feel like it fell out of the same decade as the Tom Cruise flick. Director Christian Sorensen Hansen (who also helmed Still Corners’ “Berlin Lovers” video) imbues the clip with a dusky, deep-pink aura and focuses on a cinematic motorcycle ride through the desert around Oregon’s Painted Hills. When the camera isn’t following the two-wheeler, it’s fixated on a sparkling pool and a sunglasses-clad Murray as she basks in the sunshine and deadpans her breathy vocals, singing, “Everyone wants to fly with the fireflies.” Watch it above.