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Sauna Split Town on Pretty Fuzz-Bomb ‘Born to Run, Pt. 2’

Sauna 'Born to Run, Pt. 2' Burger Records Stream

Denver quartet Sauna claim they were “born from toxic sludge leaked from the Beach Boys’ amps,” and their pretty surf-scum mostly fits the bill. Guitar-slinger CJ, bassist Ethan, and drummer Sammi have a proficiency for punk-fried grind and elastic groove, but singer Molly has a melodicism that can’t be denied. On “Born to Run, pt. 2,” she bends her breathy coo to a romantic endeavor: “On the road / I would go anywhere with you.” She sings about splitting town over a fuzzy soundtrack that’s a little more lovely than the band’s earlier, more frenetic highlights (revisit “Glitter Party” over at Stereogum). It’s a good look for the gang, whose Cheap Date cassette is out now at perennially potent Burger Records, and is, we can only suppose, an answer track to Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run” some 38 years in the making.