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Sean Hannity Detonates When Ryan Adams Calls Him ‘Chicken Man’

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With just a few tweets, Ryan Adams got Sean Hannity so riled up that the Fox News host devoted an entire segment of his show to bashing the “gutless little coward.” He even called in some big-name support — Miss Oklahoma Anna-Marie Costello — to have his back while fighting the “liberal Twitter tirade.”

According to Mediaite (via Consequence of Sound), It all started with the following tweet:

Hannity’s people subsequently invited Adams on the program, with the host tweeting, “Confident on Twitter, but too scared to come on and explain yourself?” to which the musician replied, “I don’t negotiate with terrorists.” That pissed off the talking head even more, who responded by calling Adams a “coward” and saying “We could torture REAL terrorists by playing your music.”

Then came the on-air segment, in which Hannity repeatedly mentions how Adams isn’t that popular of a musician, yet he’s apparently important enough to warrant minutes of television time and a roundtable discussion involving a beauty queen.

“He is the latest liberal entertainer to launch an outrageous Twitter tirade against yours truly. Singer-songwriter — by the way, you probably don’t know him, he’s not that popular — Ryan Adams … We reached out to Mr. Adams, we invited him on the show for a comment. His little agent replied, because he was too chicken, in an email, ‘Ryan’s statement is his tweet and vice versa’ … Why don’t you have the courage to come on the program and defend yourself? He called me a ‘terrorist’ … Considering the need to call me a terrorist, if we wanted to torture terrorists, we can play his music, which isn’t that popular anyway, on a 24-hour loop would probably drive them nuts.”

He later adds, “Stop being a wimp. He’s hiding behind his rock-star makeup like a little gutless little coward. Say it to my face!” 

“He has no sense of integrity,” Costello opines, sounding a bit confused by the topic. “He’s talking like a 15 year old. That’s not a man.”

And finally, after three-and-a-half minutes of this blathering, Hannity says, “I’m done with this. Most people don’t even know who he is, so forget it.”

If you’re keeping score at home, Sean Hannity is not, nor has ever been, romantically linked to Mandy Moore.