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Prince’s Unlikely, Hilarious Twitter Arrival Dishes Up ‘Groovy Potential’

Prince Twitter account 3rdeyegirl 3rd eye girl groovy potential

Forget the royal baby news. Something way more important is happening — Prince has joined Twitter.

Yes, the Purple One, who famously declared the Internet “completely over” just three short years ago, is letting us into his bizarre world, 140 characters at a time, via the account of his latest band, the all-female 3rd Eye Girl. If you’re skeptical, an employee of Twitter Music confirmed it’s really him after checking with his representatives.

He eased his way into the Twitterverse, starting off with “PRINCE’S 1ST TWEET… TESTING 1, 2…,” then “PRINCE’S 2ND TWEET,” before adding a little substance and taking a picture of his food:

Proving that he has a modicum of self-awareness and a sense of humor, Prince then shared this photo, which originally came from this Funny or Die article written by comedian Jake Fogelnest, who runs the amazing parody account @PrinceTweets2U. In an interview with Paper, Fogelnest explained his reasoning behind starting the account: “Because the last thing in the world that Prince would ever do is tweet. I literally can’t think of anyone who would care less about Twitter than Prince. And that’s exactly why I felt Prince must tweet.” So far, it seems he’s taking Prince’s decision to join the social network in stride.

Soon after his food tweet, Prince moved on to posting a “selfie” that turned out to be a picture of smoke and, like a true Twitter veteran, a bit of self-promotion in the form of a song snippet. The all-new “Groovy Potential” is a sexified funk jam, presumably backed by 3rd Eye Girl, considering it was posted to their YouTube account. While you can hear a minute and 22 seconds of the track below, the full version is available to purchase at the odd cost of 88 cents. Prince also poked fun at his litigious, copyright-obsessed nature, posting and quickly removing a live video of his 2013 “Let’s Go Crazy” remake, writing “CATCH THIS NOW B4 MY LAWYERS DEW.” This is coming from the same man who actually had his attorneys take down video of him covering Radiohead’s “Creep,” even though it isn’t his song.

Anyway, stay tuned for what’s most likely going to be a fascinating look into the life and mind of the reclusive, mercurial man.