Omar Souleyman, Four Tet Pine for Love on Dabke Throbber ‘Wenu Wenu’

Omar Souleyman Four Tet Wenu Wenu Stream

At long last we can hear the first cut from Omar Souleyman’s Four Tet-produced full-length studio debut, Wenu Wenu. We’ve been teased by amazing live footage and excellent in-mix placement, but above you’ll find a full unfettered seven minutes of the album’s titular song. When SPIN spoke to Souleyman in June, the Syrian dabke star told us that, “The lyrics are about love and relationships. All of the lyrics on the albums, and the ones I sing during parties, are all about love and affection between people. Here they don’t understand that, but I believe its possible they can feel it.”

Well, just in case you can’t, the folks at Ribbon Music have hadily provided an English translation of the lyrics in the provided clip. Over subtly glitched traditional melodies, blurty electronic stabs, and a high-tempo, chant-enhanced rhythm, Souleyman sings of a woman who left his side in order to protect him somehow. “Where is she? The one who I loved, where is she? And with her delicate mouth, who kills with her beautiful eyes.” Aid in the man’s quest by pre-ordering Wenu Wenu via the label. It comes in CD, cassette, limited vinyl, and digital formats. 


Omar Souleyman, Wenu Wenu track list:

1. “Wenu Wenu”
2. “Ya Yumma”
3. “Nahy”
4. “Khattaba”
5. “Warni Warni”
6. “Mawal Jamar”
7. “Yagbuni”


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