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Oh Land’s ‘Renaissance Girls’ Video Is a Women’s Studies Dance Party

'Wish Bone' LP drops September 24 via Dave Sitek's Federal Prism

Oh Land celebrates modern womanhood on “Renaissance Girls,” the lead single off the Danish singer-songwriter’s upcoming third album, Wish Bone. According to the woman otherwise known as Nanna Øland Fabricius, “Doing the laundry and planning for the future is the nature of a Renaissance girl.” And the electro-savvy showstopper continues to have it both ways in the song’s just-released music video. She lords over a construction site — dancing through an empty warehouse, posing fearlessly for the camera while bros on ATVs race around her — but also works knitting into her choreography and serves as a role model to kids watching from the sidelines.

“We really wanted to do something that just shows who I am,” Oh Land explained to Rolling Stone. “We weren’t trying to make a better version of myself. It was really more about fun and being spontaneous. All of the mistakes were allowed to be there, which was the same for the song. The way that the song was recorded was very live. We played everything live, we didn’t stop to edit ourselves, it was very intuitive and I wanted the video to have that energy, as well.” 

Watch the video above, and grab the song over at iTunes

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