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The Band That Feeds: Nine Inch Nails Food Truck Offer Inspires Punny Genius

Nine inch nails food trucks hesitation marks los angeles

If you live in Los Angeles, want an early copy of Nine Inch Nails’ Hesitation Marks, and really like meals on wheels, then SPIN cover star Trent Reznor is your new Santa Claus. Though the band’s new album isn’t out until Tuesday, September 3, four select record stores in the L.A. area will start selling the LP the night before, and anyone who buys a copy of the CD or vinyl will also get a free meal from a food truck parked outside (up to a $10 value, anyway).

The mobile eateries involved in this awesome promotion include Coolhaus (at Amoeba Hollywood), the Lime Truck (at Fingerprints in Long Beach), Rounds Premium Burgers (Rhino in Claremont), and Bacon Mania (Sound Spectrum in Laguna), the latter of which dovetails perfectly with the “March of the Pigs,” via “bite chew suck away the tender parts.” Fans can also enter a raffle to win tickets to NIN’s private show at the Troubador the next night.

The announcement came via the Nine Inch Nails tumblr, but the Twittersphere quickly took note leading to the hashtag #NineInchNailsFoodTrucks accompanying a bunch of brilliant pun-tification regarding potentional names for a roach coach of Reznor’s own. Check out some of the best ones below:

– Closer to Cod
– March of the Pigs in a Blanket
– The Perfect Mug
– I Wanna Fork You Like an Animal
– The Downward Lobster Roll
– Pretty Snack Machine
– Bow Down Before Our Yum Soft Serve
– Head Like a Hoagie
– Came Back Frosted
– The Beginning Of The Blend
– Coffee of a
– Down in Grits
– My Empire of Curds
– The Crêpe Destroyer
– How To Destroy Angel Food Cakes

Seriously, if you want to kill some time, just stay on Twitter and watch the ideas roll in.