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Morrissey Begs for Impending Apocalypse in ‘Morrissey 25: Live’ Video

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Morrissey’s upcoming concert film, Morrissey 25: Live, celebrates the 25th anniversary of Moz splitting from the Smiths to go solo. Fitting then that the first full, official performance clip we get from the movie captures “Everyday Is Like Sunday,” a gloomy, glammy treasure from 1988’s Viva Hate, the first album Morrissey released under his own name. The NME premiered the video, which finds the Pope of Mope in top form: His heart-melting croon holds court over the zealous crowd, his powerhouse backing band graciously wields their strength, and his shirt is as crisp and shiny as ever. Recorded during an intimate gig at Hollywood High School on March 2, the above footage shows no sign of the personal and financial difficulties that would plague Morrissey’s tour soon afterward; unless, of course, you take his “Come, Armageddon” pleas seriously.

Morrissey 25: Live opens in theaters on August 29 and will arrive on DVD and Blu-ray October 21. Consult the film’s website to find screenings near you, and watch the official trailer here at SPIN