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Moby and Wayne Coyne Tease Nudity-Filled ‘Perfect Life’ Video With Acoustic Sing-Along

Moby Wayne Coyne perfect life video innocents S&M

After a long day of work, what’s better than kicking back on a rooftop with a leather-clad S&M fan, a sombrero-wearing burlesque dancer, a hammered-drunk king, and a bunch of hippies? Judging by Moby and Wayne Coyne’s teaser for their upcoming video for “The Good Life,” not much.

It’s a great first look at the final product, which is guaranteed to be a menagerie of nudity and weirdness. We know that because Moby and Coyne posted a pretty wild casting call specifically asking for the extras described above — plus bikers in speedos, a punk rock marching band, rollerblading ghosts, and much more. A prerequisite for nearly every role was that the actor had to be “comfortable with nudity.”

According to Moby, the rooftop sing-along came at the end of their video shoot, just for kicks. “A few weeks ago Wayne and I spent the day making a video for ‘The Perfect Life,'” the electronic Play-maker wrote in the description of the YouTube video. “Then, at the end of the day, we broke out an acoustic guitar and gathered all of the extras on a rooftop overlooking L.A. and sang an unrehearsed, impromptu version of the song. Please keep in mind we had no idea what we were doing.”

Despite the lack of rehearsal, it looks like it worked out just fine. “The Perfect Life” appears on Moby’s upcoming album Innocents, which also features Mark Lanegan, Damien Jurado, Skylar Grey, and more. The official “Perfect Life” video will be released on September 3, with the album following on September 30.