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Watch Missy Elliott and G-Dragon Duet in Official ‘Niliria’ Live Video

G-Dragon, Missy Elliott, "Niliria," KCON, official video, live

Missy Elliott doesn’t exactly put out new music every day. Collaborations with one of the most forward-thinking South Korean pop stars come along even less often. Luckily, a blue moon rose this month. And when the “Work It” mastermind debuted a new song with G-Dragon at KCON 2013 last weekend, it was a thrilling cross-continental pop moment. Official footage from South Korean show M Countdown has hit YouTube, and the Hollywood Reporter points out the song’s title: “Niliria,” which we haven’t been able to translate yet. You can hear all the more clearly now just how bonkers this track is, its sirens and clattering hand percussion and chopped-up vocal samples amped up like a fantastic caricature of great ’00s hip-hop producers — something like if Swizz Beatz and Bangladesh and Timbaland collaborated and went a little further over the top. The video includes lyrics, too: “Get your freak on, get your cray on,” G-Dragon spits, cementing the tie between his own “Crayon” and a Miss E classic. Smiles abound, and with good reason. Stay tuned for the studio version, expected to appear on an upcoming G-Dragon album titled Coup d’Etat.