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Watch MGMT’s Endlessly, Absurdly Detailed ‘Your Life Is a Lie’ Video

MGMT, "Your Life Is a Lie," video, self-titled album

Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden can’t be accused of laziness when it comes to the video for “Your Life Is a Lie,” from MGMT’s upcoming self-titled album (due out September 17 via Columbia Records). Directed by Tom Kuntz, who previously oversaw the “Congratulations” video, the clip never stops unveiling new and curious sights. There are skeletons and talking dolphins. A bird is set free. A choir sings, a woman turns into a man, a fetus appears, a banana is eaten, book titles flash snippets of lyrics, a lizard climbs out of a mouth, a nose resembles Pinocchio, and that’s only scratching the surface. Life, a lie or not, is clearly weird.

MGMT have previously performed “Your Life Is a Lie” live, but the studio version clears up the wryly pointed lyrics and colorful production that might lie somewhere between Congratulations‘ off-kilter psych and Oracular Spectacular‘s crowd-pleasing melodicism. Other new MGMT tracks previewed so far include “Mystery Disease,” which the band perform live, and “Alien Days,” which came out on a Record Store Day cassette tape. The upcoming LP will also involve something called “the Optimizer,” which “provides listeners of the album with a simultaneous aural and optical listening experience featuring video and CGI work.”